Boozy Peaches Two Ways

Current Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Fruit is extremely expensive in Geneva. I’m accustomed to being able to purchase most types of fruit at relatively low cost in the United States, but here, even the fruits that I would consider the cheap like apples or grapes are very costly. Granted, some of this has to do with regional agriculture and generally high prices in Geneva, but overall, fruit is more of a luxury. The least expensive fruits in the grocery stores here are the ones that are local and in season, which makes sense.

Just peachy! 🙂

As a result, this summer I’ve been eating a lot of peaches and nectarines. I can buy a (recyclable) package of 6-10 whole fruits for 2-3CHF. This week, my local store had a sale on donut peaches which I kept on my desk as a work snack. Donut peaches, or Saturn peaches, are about as sweet as regular peaches, but their flat shape and concavity towards the core give them them a ring-like construction — hence the nickname. One of my co-workers suggested I make this boozy concoction.

Making the marinade in my Life Without Plastic container. 

She recommended chopping the peaches with some basil and soaking the mixture in pink wine. I bought rosé and basil on the way home that day because how could that not be amazing?

After marinating my peaches for a couple of hours, I tried out two different recipes. Both were delicious and I’m now looking for even more ways (excuses) to eat these boozy peaches! Here are my recommendations for how to try this summery-treat.

Even cheap pink wine will do the trick!

Boozy Ice Cream

The first recipe I tried was almost guaranteed to be delicious because of it’s simplicity. I used my boozy peaches as a topping for coconut milk ice cream. I used Coco Ice-Land pure coco from Migros, which is a perfectly creamy dairy alternative which is 100% vegan. Almond milk ice cream would go really nicely as well, but the coconut made the combination even more of a summery treat. It was just as delicious as it sounds. If I were to make this again, I would also add some walnuts or pecans for a little bit of extra crunch. This would also be delicious with just some fresh whipped cream or even a light fruit sorbet instead of ice cream.

Boozy Brunch Bruschetta

*heavy breathing*

This was the real winner. Since I didn’t have any plans today other than to binge watch the first day of World Aquatic Championship pool events and meal prep for the week, I decided that a mildly alcoholic breakfast would be acceptable. I toasted some pain complet (whole wheat baguette bread), which I spread with chevre and then topped with my peach marinade. As a final touch, I drizzled some balsamic vinegar over the toast and served with eggs. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Next Time

The next time I make boozy peaches I want to try reducing them with a little honey to form a more syrup-like texture, and serving it over pancakes. As good as these peaches are for dessert, I think they make an even better brunch item. If I drop the basil, I also think it would work with chocolate…


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