The Monthly Challenge

On the first day of each month I am going to challenge myself to change one thing to make my lifestyle more environmentally friendly and/or less wasteful. 

The purpose of this challenge is to incrementally work towards a generally more eco-friendly lifestyle. I hope that by challenging myself to be more environmentally conscious in my personal life that I will become more aware of when I am wasting resources, money, and time.

See all of my monthly challenges to date: here


April – No More Plastic Razors

May –

June – Bike to Work

July – Zero Waste Hair

August – Zero Waste Periods

September – Zero Waste Back to School

October – Reduce Food Waste

November – Vegan-ish

December – Eco-Friendly Cleaning


January – No More Single-Use Beverage Containers

February – Packaged Foods

March – Greening Travel