Coconut Lime Cake

Current Location: London, UK

I’m back with more easy vegan baking! This week was a bit stressful for me (thank you UK tenancy policies) which lead to my antagonizing myself over the consistency of this cake. BUT, on the bright side, 1) I have housing and 2) I managed to make a cake that is both fluffy and moist (and vegan of course).

A few people have messaged me that they tried out my first cake — that’s so awesome! Please tell me if you make one of my recipes, whether it goes well or poorly. I create my recipes under very specific conditions (a toaster oven perched on top of a microwave ie a potential fire hazard) so it would be helpful to know if I should specify modifications for more normal appliance situations.

Happy Friday and happy baking! PDF of recipe here.

coconut-lime-cake.jpgCoconut Lime Cake p2


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